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8 Month + Feeding Set Rabbit Finger Eating Plate | Silicon Bib And Cup | Silicone Finger Eating Plate

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Finger Eating plate, tiny cup and Silicon bib can be introduced in babies as they acquire fine motor skills of pincer grasp and holding with hands.

Rabbit Finger Eating plate

  • Improves fine motor skills and teaches basics of self-feeding in infants.
  • This plate comes with mat surrounding mat, so even spilled food can be taken back.
  • Suction feature decreases tipped bowls. Suction is effective in perpendicular direction and may not work on side ways
  • Stable base promotes self-feeding and develops fine motor skills.
  • Mat fits most highchair trays.
  • Three compartments remind parents to serve a well-balanced meal.
  • Compact and lightweight for dinners out and travel.

Tiny Cup

  • Soft silicone protects infant’s developing teeth.
  • Mini size for small hands.
  • Safe to use with cold, warm + hot foods and liquids.
  • Open cup activates lip closure and tongue elevation.
  • Interior angle of cup provides even flow for safe drinking position.
  • Non-slip grip, weighted base and topple resistance.

Feeding Guide

This book contains the necessary information that parents need to know about the feeding process of their children.

Rabbit Finger Eating plate + Tiny Cup + Feeding Guide