B4BRAIN Co-Founder and CEO Junaid Ahammed K V

Junaid Ahammed

Co-Founder & CEO  

Junaid Ahammed is an Engineer from NIT Calicut having 9+ years experience of management and engineering in fortune 500 Companies and a mentor for many successful startups.



Dr.Ahamed Shafi

Co-Founder & R&D Head                              

Dr.Ahamed Shafi is a doctor having special interest in child development and behavioural pediatrics. He is currently doing his post doctoral fellowship in developmental and behavioural pediatrics at CMC Vellore


Dr.Amana - Developmental expert at B4BRAIN 


Doctor having special interest in women and child health




Dr. Muhammed Shabeer

Doctor having special interest in Developmental Neurology



Dr. Nasla

Dr. Nasla is a doctor having Special interest in child development, behavior and mental disorders


Dr Jibin Ann Chacko

Dr Jibin Ann Chacko is a Child Nutritionist and Naturopathy physician


MA Fouz EN

Trainer of Montessori Teachers

Mr. MA Fouz EN is a master trainer in Neuro Mind Power Scholastery and a trainer of montessori teachers



Julaila Thasneem

 Consultant Psychologist

Ms. Julaila Thasneem is a consultant psychologist, having special interest in child psychology and involved in the products research and development 



 A Seasoned Teacher Cum Soft Skills Trainer

A double Post Graduate in English and Physics, an experienced interdisciplinary teacher , Child Development Enthusiast, Environmentalist & Soft skills trainer 


Justin P Kurian

 Early Intervention Therapist

Early Intervention Therapist with  years of experience in identification, stimulation and intervention in children with developmental issues.



Chief Operations Officer

Anver is an engineer and the Chief Operations Officer of B4brain


Muhsin Muhammed M

Chief Product Officer

Muhsin is a Production Engineer and Chief Product Officer of B4brain