Somewhere in 2020s, two close friends from a scenic village in the northern part of Kerala in south India, where one is a pediatrician doing research in child brain development and the other is an engineer from a premier institute, understood that there is a serious issue prevailing in the society related to the child upbringing in which the child`s brain is not able to achieve its maximum growth potential due to lack of awareness and necessary brain developmental products.

85% of Human brain development is happening before 3 year age. But the society is spending the least in this period. Hence, they thought, it is a necessity to provide required awareness and tools for parents to achieve the maximum potential of a child's brain to take the science and technology to the next level and thus  B4Brain came into existence

By utilizing all the scientific, Medical and Technical researches and knowledge so far done by the experts, the team has made a complete package for achieving maximum potential of a child's brain which you will be able to find on this website.  B4brain offers best development toys for babies that are designed to help stimulate their minds and develop their cognitive abilities and motor skills. B4brain is now backed up by a strong team of pediatricians, child psychologists, teachers and Engineers to provide a scientific 360 degree solutions to the issue.