6 Month + Feeding Set Silicone Bowl And Giraffe Silicon Spoon With A Silicon Bib | Silicone Feeding Set

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Silicone Feeding Set is perfectly sized for toddler portions and has a suction base to ensure that the plate and food stays in place during mealtime. The flexible and soft material allows for easier scooping, helping any little one get food on their spoon. It is specially designed for children learning to eat on their own.

Silicone Feeding Set Includes Silicon bowl, Giraffe Silicon Spoons and Silicon Bib.

Silicon bowl

  • Prevents heat losses in feeding session
  • Good suction of base prevents spillage of food. Suction is effective in perpendicular direction and may not work on side ways
  • Stable base promotes self-feeding and develops fine motor skills
  • Compact and lightweight for dinners out and travel

Giraffe Silicon spoons

  • 2 Silicon spoons - one for liquid food or thin puree and other for semisolid food or thick puree.
  • Soft silicone protects baby's developing teeth and makes gumming + self-feeding safe Helps to feed easily without spilling.
  • No injury while feeding due to movement of baby, because of soft edges and flexibility.
  • Safe to use with cold, warm + hot foods and liquids.

Silicon Bib

  • Increases confidence of baby to explore food, without spillage.
  • Long-lasting and wash friendly

Feeding Guide

This book contains the necessary information that parents need to know about the feeding process of their children.


Silicone Bowl + Giraffe Silicon Spoon + Silicon Bib + Feeding Guide

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