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Sensory Balls Toys Pack Of 6 | Colourful squeaky ball | Soft silicone rubber ball For Baby

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 Sensory Balls Toys Pack Of 6 

 Sensory Balls is made of Soft rubber and have a unique shape that every child will love. It has different colors, textures and Squeaky sounds to keep children engaged and interested.

How to play With Sensory Balls?

  • Introduce the sensory balls to baby

  • Different coloured and textured natural rubber balls give sensory stimulation in baby

  • They help babies to transfer balls in 'Cloth Stackers' during play. Varying textures, colours, and movement patterns on the surface of these balls provide the novelty needed to sustain your baby's exploration.

What will my child learn ?

Sensory Balls Helps in gross motor skills as child moves towards it and improves hand eye coordination as he holds it. It is also good for sensory play.

 Age 7 months - 14 months
Dimension 5cm x 5 cm
Made of Soft Rubber