Object Permanence Box + Ball +Magic colour cloths For babies 0-1 year for brain development designed by Experts

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 Age 7 month - 18 month
Dimension 20 x 30 cm
Made of Birch ply wood



How to play ?

With Ball

Introduce wooden Object Permanence Box with balls to your baby.
Let them put wooden balls in it and play their own way.

With Magic colour cloths 

Put linked coloured cloths made of good quality fabrics in Object Box. Let him pull the
cloth. It creates a lot of excitement and fun.

What will my child learn ?

With Ball

Box and ball introduce the concept of object permanence: an object exists even if we can't see it. This concept helps to reduce separation anxiety in children.

With Magical cloth

This activity improves cognition and also gives sensory stimulation. Object permanence box introduces the concept that an object exists even if we can't see it...


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