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Green flash cards and Identical flash cards For babies 0-1 year for brain development designed by Experts

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Green flash cards

 Age 7 month - 12 month
Dimension 15 x 15 cm
Made of Laminated paper

How to Play ?

  • Introduce flash cards of green vegetables and fruits to your baby.
  • Let them understand different shapes of green colour in daily life.
  • Show 5 cards with names daily during play time and also try to show both fruits and vegetables along with that.

What Will My Child Learn ?

These cards help to form the concept of different shapes
that exist in same colour.

Identical flash cards

How to play ?

Introduce same and different flash cards to babies during play time. Show one side of the card followed by opposite side. They can understand different forms of the same thing.

What will my child learn ?

These cards improve logical thinking and the concept that same
things exist in different forms.