Complete Playbox(15-18 months) Babies For Brain Development Designed by Experts

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What's Inside

Activity Book

Activity book describes about weekly activities for parent for early brain stimulation, Also describes about how to use different toys and when to introduce
Rabbit pull Toy
Helps toddlers understand where they and objects are in relation to each other.strengthen their hands and grip, and refine their hand and finger movements.

Wooden Animals puzzles

This puzzleĀ  enhance the child's eye hand coordination. Also supportsĀ  imaginations and pretend play

Wooden Hammer toy

Wooden Hammer toy with hammer hitting the balls in box strengthen hand muscle and improve hand -eye coordination.Ā 

Toddler's Crayons

Scribbling with crayons , helps to improve finemotor skills and support pre-writing skills.


Tommy's Garden Book

Tomy is toddler like your child. This time he is visiting a garden with father and helps father to plant with his new garden set.


Activities of Daily Living (ADL)Ā Cards

Activity cards introduces different activities of your childā€™s daily life. It improves communication and helps in setting routine, by showing in before activities of daily life


Toddler's Garden setĀ 

Allows children to explore and consolidate things they experience and learn in real life, and to see the world from the perspective of others.

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