Baby Self Feeding Silicone Plate with Fork & Spoon

Rs. 999 Rs. 1,199

Baby Self Feeding Silicone Plate with Fork & Spoon can help your child be more successful and confident during mealtimes. As babies learn about each food ingredient independently, the separate plate is ideal for portion control and keeping food separate. The silicone fork and spoon are easy to grip and manage, making them ideal for small hands.

Silicone Plate with Fork & Spoon

  • Suction feature and Stable base promotes self-feeding and develops fine motor skills. Suction is effective in perpendicular direction and may not work on side ways
  • Three compartments remind parents to serve a well-balanced meal
  • Spoon and fork prongs safely fit toddler’s mouth
  • Non-slip grip and short, fat handle makes grasping more successful
  • Compact and lightweight set for dinners out and travel

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