Pincer and Palmar Grasp For babies 0-1 year for brain development designed by Experts

Rs. 599 Rs. 999
Ā Age Ā 7 month - 12 month
Dimension Ā 5 x 8 cm
Made of Teak wood


How to play ?


Palmar Grasp

The wooden Cylindrical Puzzle is introduced at around 8 months of age. The child learns to grasp the cylinder with his palm (radial palmar grasp) and pulls it out of the block and also, tries to place the cylinder back into the block.

Pincer GraspĀ 

Pincer grasp (ability to hold something between the thumb and first finger or index finger). This skill usually develops in babies around 9 months. The Pincer Grasp Puzzle can be introduced in 9 months. Also give other substances which help in pincer grasp

What will my child learn ?

This activity hones their concentration and fine motor skills.
Also improves cognitive input.

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