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NewBorn PlayBox 0-3 Months (complete) Babies For Brain development Designed by Experts

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What's Inside

Clutch Mobile
Activity Book - Essentials 30-09-2021_page-0012_edited_edited.jpg
Hang clutch ball in the Activity Gym. Clutch ball is designed for better grasp in the baby's hands. The black and white color in the ball makes it appealing to his eyes. It strengthens the connection between the left and the right sides of the brain through movement. Also strengthens leg and arm muscles. This is also great way to learn cause and effect.
Activity Book
Activity Book - Essentials 30-09-2021_page-0012_edited_edited.jpg
Activity book describes about weekly activities for parent for early brain stimulation, Also describes about how to use different toys and when to introduce

Activity Gym

Activity Gym displays mobiles at the perfect height for visual development, then adjusts so your baby can reach the interactive attachment.

High contrast Pattern Mobile

Tie in the Activity Gym at 12 inches distance from your baby Encourages pattern recognition and improves concentration

Primary Colour Mobile

Hang primary colour moble in the activity gym. let baby enjoy different primary colours, important for colour perception.

Butterfly Mobile

Introduce Butterfly Mobile 12 weeks. The Butterfly mobile presents a new challenge as your baby's Visual tracking improves dramatically.This mobile also enhances depth perception.

Hanging Ring
 Hanging Ring challenges your baby to intentionally reach out and grasp. Ribbon Play Hang primary colour Ribbons on the Activity gym at the level of reach of your baby's hands. 

Ribbon Play

Hang primary colour Ribbons on the Activity gym at the level of reach of your baby's hands. Helps in eye-hand coordination. Also induces tactile sense and colour perception.

Elephant and Zebra Rattles
Elephant Rattles, & Zebra Rattles made of good quality felt is light weighted, and also baby friendly. Helps in stimulation of visual and auditory sensation. Also Improves tactile sense and improves grasping skills.

Sensory Flower

Provides plenty of visual and tactile sensory input for the developing imagination.

Baby Paper

Baby Paper Crinkly baby paper made out of cloth.Black & white patterned baby paper provides tactile and auditory stimulation with visual experience. 

Grasping Ring

Grasping ring is made of good quality natural ivory wood. Grasping ring works with the baby's natural reflexes. Also contributes in visual sensation and eye coordination.

Flash Cards Set 1

 Start with simple basic shapes . Show one card per day. Decades of research have shown that babies can only see high contrast images initially

Flash Cards Set 2
Introduce Set 2 cards with corresponding basic shape cards from Flash Cards Set 1. Helps visual perception and association building. Enhances cognitive development.

Flash Cards Set 3
 Introduce High contrast Pattern Cards. Show twice daily during the active moments of your baby Pattern cards help baby practice eye focus. Helps developing spatial awareness and cognitive development.

Baby's first Book

It displays complex animal images and familiarizes. Also introduces primary colours to your baby.

Parent Guide
    Parent guide describes about growth, nutrition & development. Also describes about newborn care.