Complete Playbox(4-6 months) Babies For Brain Development Designed by Experts

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Cylinder Rattle

Cylinder Rattle invites movement and engages your baby's core to support crawling. Provides good visual and auditory stimulation with gross motor development.

Wooden Fruit Teether

It provides comfort in teething times. Also good for oromotor stimulation and strengthening muscles of mastication (chewing muscles)

Soft blocks 

Develops fine motor skills and support constructive play. Also helps in early learning

Jungle Book

Introduces new colours ,helps in imagination and memory

Sensory Play Mat

Sensory inputs boost visual, tactile and auditory stimulation. Also helps in reaching for objects and rolling over.

Interlocking Discs

This unique shape helps your baby practice bidextrous approach followed by hand-to-hand transfer. Also builds their hand-eye coordination.

Star Wrist Rattle 

Wrist Rattle gives auditory and visual stimulation together with self-awareness.

Fruit and Colour Cards

Helps in colour recognition. Gives visual stimulation and cognitive inputs. Enhances the memory.

Finger Puppets

Improves imagination and visual tracking. Also stimulates multiple regions of the brain including auditory, visual and memory areas.

Silicone Teether

Silicone teether will be favourite of your baby which is good for Oromotor stimulation and hand mouth coordination. Also comforts during the teething time later.


Dolio Rattle

The moving parts of this Rattle engages your baby, challenging the grasp. Encourages hand to hand transfer. Also helps in developing problem solving skill.

Fruit Nibbler

Great for taste or gustatory stimulation and early lessons of self feeding.

Activity Book

 Activity book describes about weekly activities for parent for early brain stimulation,

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