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Basic Playbox(12-15months) Babies For Brain Development Designed by Experts

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                                    What's Inside


Activity Book

Activity book describes about weekly activities for parent for early brain stimulation, Also describes about how to use different toys and when to introduce


Wooden Ball tracker

Toddler learns to grasp and place the ball in the tracker improves fine motor skills.Watching each ball roll down the ramp builds visual tracking skills

Mushroom Peg board

By rotating the mushroom pegs to fit into the base, your child learns to discriminate size and shape while building wrist strength.

Wooden Xylophone

Improves fine motor skills and support sensory development ,Good for cause and effect play

Wooden Shape Puzzle

Developing problem solving skills through trial and error
Improve eye hand coordination

First blocks

Introduce our colourful blocks. You can make tower using blocks in front of your baby. Observe your baby, he may go towards grabbing one block and also look at it carefully. You can also show our matching flash cards with blocks.

Face cards

Face cards introduces feelings which are designed to help your toddler to recognise, understand and name how they’re feeling and learn to talk about it