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  • complete 10-12 box for baby brain development
  • 10-12 months Babies For Brain Development
  • 10-12 months Babies toy For Brain Development
  • shape cards
  • animal cards
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Complete Playbox (10-12 months) Babies For Brain Development Designed by Experts

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Complete Playbox For Babies (10-12 months) For Brain Development Contains :-

The Complete Brain development playbox for 10-12 months babies includes Wooden Car with Peg Doll, Wooden Drum, Wooden Stacker, First Wooden Puzzles , Shape Cards, Ultimate Permanence Box with Shape Sorters, Pet Animal cards Peekaboo Book, parent guide and activity book.


Wooden Car with Peg Doll

Wooden Car with Peg Doll
  • Infants will be excited to play with objects such as car.
  • Wooden car will be full of fun.
  • Babies make the peg doll sit in the car and drive.

Wooden car improves fine motor skills and peg doll improves pincer grasp. Also add lessons of imaginative play.

Wooden Drum

Wooden Drum

Baby enjoy our wooden drum and make sound himself at sitting time.

Drums are good for baby auditory stimulation and hand eye coordination. Also helps in learning cause and effect.


Wooden Stacker

Wooden Stacker
  • Introduce Wooden Stacker made of good quality wood, painted with edible nontoxic paint.
  • Help them to stack each disc. Gradually, they start stacking themselves.

Wooden Stacker is good for fine motor skills and cognitive input in babies.


Ultimate Permanence Box with Shape Sorters

Ultimate Permanence Box with Shape Sorters
  • Introduce our Ultimate Permanence Box which introduces Object Permanence concept and different shapes.
  • Playing with first shape puzzle and shape cards help baby to match with shapes and colours
  • Also helps fine motor and problem-solving skills in baby.


First wooden Puzzles

First Wooden Puzzles

Introduce first puzzle to your baby. First show how to take and put them back. Then give him opportunity to do the same. Show the shape puzzles with shape cards to teach the concept of basic shapes.

The First wooden Puzzles Develops spatial reasoning and ability to discriminate shapes and sizes. Improves hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem-solving skills of babies.


Shape Cards

shapes flash cards

Introduce shapes to baby through our shape cards. Try to link each shape with different objects of the same shape at home.

Shaps Cards Helps in colour recognition and visual senses in babies


Pet Animal Cards

animal flash cards

Show our Pet Animal Cards. Talk about each animal in detail and also try the sounds they make.

Pet Animal Cards Improves memory and communication skills in babies.


Peekaboo Book

Introduce our Peekaboo Book. It helps to understand the concept of object permanence and teach body parts to baby. Peekaboo book brings lot of fun and love for reading.

Activity Books

Activity book describes about weekly activities for parent for early brain stimulation, also describes about how to use different toys and when to introduce