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Complete Playbox for Brain Development & Designed by Experts (for 7-9 month babies)

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Activity Book

Activity book describes about monthly activities for parent for early brain stimulation, also describes about how to use different toys and when to introduce.

Rainbow Soft Ball

Rainbow Ball helps in dexterity and hand-eye coordination in baby by throwing and catching.

Penguin Wobbler

Wobbler builds core muscle strength needed for crawling and early lessons of balance. Also improves concentration.

Green flash cards

These cards help to form the concept of different shapes that exist in same colour.

Pincer Grasp Puzzle

This activity hones their concentration and fine motor skills. Also improves cognitive input.

Spinning Drum

Spinning Drum helps develop hand-eye coordination, wrist and arm strength. Also improves visual and auditory skills.


3 Sensory Balls

Helps in gross motor skills as child moves towards it and improves hand eye coordination as he holds it. It is also good for sensory play

Sleeping Bunny

'Transitional objects' or 'Ioveys' help in transition from wholly dependent newborn to independent human beings. It also builds confidence and security in babies.

Palmar Grasp Puzzle

These puzzles are important for fine motor skills and for improving concentration.

Touch and feel book

This book enhances sensory stimulation and fine motor skills

Coloured clothes in Object Permanence Box

This activity improves cognition and also gives sensory stimulation. Object permanence box introduces the concept that an object exists even if we can't see it.

Balls in Object Permanence Box

This box and ball introduce the concept of object permanence: an object exists even if we can't see it. This concept helps to reduce separation anxiety in children.

Cloth Stackers

Cloth Stacker improves attention, fine motor skills and imagination. Different sized objects help in spatial relationship and problem solving.

Identical flash cards

These cards improve logical thinking and the concept that same things exist in different forms.

Parents Guide

Parent guide describe about growth , nutrition & development. Also describe about baby care.